Monday, July 20, 2009

what holidays are all about <3!

Time has been passing really fast lately. And I'm lovin' my holidays! =)))
Just hope it doesn't end so soon. Not looking forward to working life at all *sigh...

Btw, I just went for my job interview with the government and lucky me, I got a chinese dude as my interviewer. But unlucky for me, I got a chinese interviewer who couldn't stop lecturing me about being independent, don't depend on mummy daddy...bla bla bla....have to go far away from home to learn about life bla bla bla....learn about malaysia...bla bla bla....because you're ANAK MALAYSIA! Correct or not?! Correct or not?! ARE YOU?!

me: Yes sir, yes. U're right sir...Yes...yess... *dreams away* Yes sir, correct. I understand. Yes yes. *ZZzZzZ*

Don't understand why the stupid government would want to waste time, effort and money to interview us when they still need to hire us regardless. Tsk.
Oh well, pls pray and cross your fingers&toes for me so that I'll get posted somewhere near home! =(

Aih..don't wanna think about it no more.
Let's talk about happy things! Food! Weee!
I so need to go to the gym next week =.=
RPM&bodycombat yo!

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa

I still don't get why is it so famous. It tasted ok la. As usual. But it wasn't like, "Woah! That's like the BEST nasi lemak ever man!" as what I have heard from others.
Somemore I was so convinced when I overheard this little indian boy screaming into his mum's ears, "MUMMY! I LIKE THIS NASI LEMAK! MUUUMMMYY!! THIS NASI LEMAK NICEEE!" Then the mother sumbat the nasi lemak into his mouth then he shuddap.
That was before our nasi lemak came. How could I not be convinced right?

Madam Kwan's

Nasi bojari!!!
Aku sukeeee!!
Was craving for it like super long d. Finally! =)

Little Penang @ Curve

I'm still searching for an awesome assam laksa since I heard the ss2 one sao tong d. Any suggestions? This one is pretty good as well but I wasn't blown away ;P

Char kuey teow without si ham, WITHOUT TAUGEH (emphasized by mag) and non-spicy as preferred by manda and yet it's good! Mmmm!


Saw this manicure stamping art thing which was rather interesting!

The stuff needed for stamping. Aku suke pattern strawberi tu!

We looked so awesome!

Oh oh! My fav pic of the day with our Harry Potter speckies!

Retards and their cute pretty clips~*

Don't judge a book by its cover!

Just realised we both had Tinkerbells! ;P

Anyway, back to my pathetic perminghairuntilsodrama story, the 2nd perm was indeed better than the first, no doubt...cause the woman used smaller rollers for me. BUT my hair was only aunty for 2 days. =/
Not sure if that's normal but the curls are natural looking now. Doubt they'll last as long as I hope them to last. Nonetheless, I love it now! =)))

Pray pray my curls kwai kwai...don't get straighten too soon ya?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My curls are officially gone

Monday, July 13, 2009


So there, finally, a picture of my newly curled hair...or rather, my newly notsocurlybutwavybutnotsowavyalso hair
Sigh. I've been getting a lot of comments that it isn't really curly as though it doesn't really makes a difference. =(
But I mmg didn't want it to be so curly. Or else, it'll be aunty-ish! So this is rather natural but erm, yeah kinda a little toooo natural. Oh well....watever.
At least I finally DID IT! even though nearly everyone protested! WAAHAHAH I'm proud of myself! ;P

Was even planning to colour my hair soon but looking at how uncurly it is, I think I better not la. Cause the lady was telling me that if I dye my hair, my curls will tone down a little. So ahem, if I colour it, my hair will probably transform to brown/red straight hair d wth.


Anyway, I've been eating non-stop, I'm even scaring myself. Have to tone down. Tone down woman! Tone down!
And since coming back from the UK, my wallet has been constantly empty. I feel so pooooor. Mummy, where's my allowance? =(

Have only been into a mall ONCE since I came back. ZOMG. So not impressed with the heels here. I miss Glasgowwww!! Give me back my Jane Normannnn! I want my New Look & Barratts backkkk!! Sobs. And I want the Jane Norman dresses on sales NOW! Someone help me to buy PLEASEEE!! I feel so helpless =( Those websites are so sinful, I need to delete them from my favourites soon man wthwthwth

Other than that, aku kena belajar cakap bahasa melayu sebab aku ada temu bual dengan orang-orang kerajaan hari rabu ni. Babi betul la. Aku belum lagi belajar tentang isu-isu semasa negara. Nak pegi tandas pun takde masa, apatah lagi nak baca surat khabar. Bodohnya....
Tapi takut jugak. Nanti kena bom daripada mereka, habis aku.

Ohoh! Dan *surprise surprise!* wo kai shi du hua yi!
Too bad la if u don't understand. Hmph.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jac is home and LOVEEEE-ing it!!

Nuff said.
Too busy.
A lot of catching up to do.
A lot of things to eat.
A lot of places to go.
No time to unpack and arrange my room.
And just TOO MANY things to update on!!

So the lazy me is not gonna update until I get settled..HAHA
I MISS GLASGOW and everyone back there!!!!